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     The brake magnetic powder clutch, magnetic powder is based on the electromagnetic principle and the use of magnetic powder to convey torque, the transmission torque and excitation current is basically linear relation. Therefore, as long as the change the size of the exciting current, you can easily control the torque of the size. Under normal circumstances, in the range of 5% to 100% of the rated torque, torque and excitation current of communication is proportional to the linear relationship.
     When the excitation current is kept constant, the communication is not affected by the torque transmission piece and follower differential (slip speed) influence, namely static torque and dynamic torque difference. So it can be stable to convey a constant torque. This characteristic is used if the tension control, the user only needs to adjust the size of the exciting current, it can accurately control and deliver the required torque, thereby conveniently and effectively to control the roll tension.



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